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[Please scroll down on page for My School Account Instructions.]

Let us introduce you to the HCA Cafeteria, an exciting place on the Highlands campus! Whether your child brings a packed lunch, buys a lunch, or varies between the two—it is our goal to provide a healthy and positive experience at lunchtime.

Important Lunchtime & Cafeteria Update – August 2020
Students in preschool through 3rd grade will be eating lunch in the classroom, and students in grades 4-12 grade will eat in the cafeteria, with distancing guidelines in place. Beginning Monday, August 31, students in K3-12th may bring their own lunch or pre-purchase a box lunch ONLY. All lunches must be pre-ordered. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the box lunch will be the only item available. To pre-order, please go to and click on “Register Your Child.”You will need your student’s 7-digit Highlands code which can be obtained for preschool and secondary families by calling the school office at 954-421-1747 x1000 and for elementary families at 954-421-1747 x1204. “Emergency” lunches will be available on a very limited basis for students who forget their lunch.

K3-12th Grade Step-by-Step Instructions for “My School Account”
Please use a desktop computer as this is not compatible with mobile devices and may not work properly on them.
Lunch orders must be in by 7:00 AM each morning.

  1. Log into KnightsNet (parent KnightsNet account, not student account).
  2. Click on “Resources.”
  3. Click on “My School Account.”
  4. If this is your first time, click “create login” and fill in all information for yourself as the parent (write down username and password that you create as the office cannot access this information to reset your password if forgotten). A verification code will be sent to your email to continue.
  5. If this is not your first time, click “login.”
  6. Once logged in, click on the box that says “Manage Students,” then “add student.”
  7. Here is where you will need the student’s 7-digit ID number to enter (this was sent home the first day of school on a paper with their Teams info and KnightsNet log in info as well). If you do not have it, you can call main school office at 954-421-1747 x1000.
  8. Click “add.”
  9. Previous steps must be done for each child – each student has their own unique ID number.
  10. Once the student(s) are added, click on “deposit funds.” Here is where you can add money to the account, and it goes into the account immediately. No more 24-hour wait period!
  11. You can now click on “Preorder” and the instructions are listed there with 6 simple steps.

If you run into any issues or messages that pop up about your account or ID numbers, please call 800-425-1425 to have this resolved.

The main office can no longer take card payments in person or over the phone. You must use this “My School Account” to order lunches and pay.

Questions about the HCA food service?
Please call Mrs. Becky Dixon at 954-421-1747  x1021.

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