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The Picillo Family

What do you love most about HCA?
“The faculty. The teachers are always helpful and caring!”

What is one word that best describes the school? Tell us why you chose that word.
“Trust – HCA is reliable, and I have confidence in them to teach and train [my daughter] spiritually, emotionally, academically, athletically, and physically. I trust she is in good hands of caring and godly people and environment.”

Describe one of your favorite memories of HCA.
“When [my daughter] was in the fifth grade, I became hospitalized for close to 2 months and sick for the year to the point I needed to use a wheelchair. It was a very hard time for her as they thought I would not make it. Her behavior was deplorable, yet the teachers and Mrs. Utz were kind and very understanding, knowing she was reacting to missing me. HCA was her extended family. and I will never forget how they extended themselves to help us at a very trying time. They were there for her spiritually and emotionally when I could not be. ( I am a single parent so their loved pulled her through.)”

What would you tell other parents to encourage them to consider enrolling their children at HCA?
“Placing your child at HCA is a benefit to you and your child. First, they are in the presence of the Lord all day with like-minded believers. Second, teachings are biblically-based and truthful. Second, you can have peace knowing that the school requires Christ-like behavior from students, and your child will be treated with respect and loved.”

Cathy Picillo, HCA High School Parent

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