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The Nunez Family

What do you love most about HCA?
“HCA is God centered. I couldn’t have raised my children the way I wanted to without the help of HCA. I love that it’s a small enough school that all the adults (parents or faculty) surrounding my children and influencing on a daily basis, are on the same page as I am. I know that [my children] wouldn’t be who they are today, had it not been for the influence of HCA. To know that I can call or email a teacher at any time, or that a teacher has my cell phone # and email, and they actually use it, to find out if one of the kids was going through something at home, or whatever. It’s not about being a private school, or even a parochial school. I went to a parochial school my entire life and never experienced this kind of support and compassion.”

What is one word that best describes the school? Tell us why you chose that word.
“Compassionate – There are several reasons. When my children started attending HCA, I had just been recently divorced. It’s difficult to come in as a single parent in a Christian school and not feel judged, and yet I never did. A few years later, I lost my job, and HCA worked with me to ensure that the children could stay. All around, however, raising children in today’s world is scary. Raising them ‘alone’ is even scarier. When people tell me, ‘You did a great job, especially considering you were a single mom,’ I always reply, ‘Thank you, but I did not do it alone. God carried me and my children the entire way, even when I wasn’t there.'”

Describe one of your favorite memories of HCA.
Beauty and the Beast! Julie Method has a gift. In 2014, during the tryouts for Beauty and the Beast, my son was certain he would be trying out, AND getting the part of Coggsworth. He came home upset because Miss Method made him read the part of Gaston twice, and he was certain he wasn’t going to get the part HE felt he was so cut out for. Fast forward to the actual play, Collin nailed the part of Gaston… I mean NAILED IT! And by the way, Ozzie nailed the part of Coggsworth, as did the entire cast. It’s beautiful to see the students using their talents to glorify God, especially in a day and age where the entertainment industry is being used for the complete opposite.”

In what ways have you seen your child grow and develop as a result of their experiences at HCA?
“[My son] attended public high school for 2 years. Morally speaking, it was an epic disaster. When he returned to HCA, not only was he welcomed back with open arms, but between Jim Good, Luke Still, Brock Ratzlaff, Martiza Chapman, and several others, he gave himself to Christ (on 9/26), and today he is a follower of Christ. He’s far from perfect, but he’s strong in his convictions that ground him when he needs to be. When [my daughter] first arrived at HCA, she was defiant and uncommunicative. Today she is an amazing young lady. I can’t say enough about the woman she is becoming. Again, I could’ve never done this alone. God put HCA and all its teachers, coaches, and even other parents in our path to help me and my children grow in Christ.”

What would you tell another parent to encourage them to consider enrolling their child at HCA?
“A child who wants to learn academics, can learn in just about any school – public, private, parochial, etc. However, the love, compassion, and devotion that my children and I have received at HCA is not something you can get just anywhere. When your child goes off to college, that foundation will carry them through those difficult years, surrounded by liberal ideas. It will also stay with them when they have a career, and a marriage/family. Those teachings and the examples set forth by mentors such as the Goods, the Stills the Lassens, the Califanos, and so many more, are not found just anywhere.”

– Jeanette Nunez, HCA Parent of Graduate and High School Student

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