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Ways to Give

Give Now
You can give to several funds that address various projects we are currently undertaking by going to our online giving page.

Give by Mail
The most common and helpful way to support HCA is with a gift of cash. Please make your check payable to Highlands Christian Academy, and mail it, along with your name and address, to: Highlands Christian Academy, 501 NE 48th Street, Pompano Beach, FL 33064.

Give a Matching Gift
Many businesses offer matching gifts for their employees, as part of their employee benefit packages. If you plan to make a gift, be sure to check with your employer to learn if your gift can be multiplied through a matching gift program.

Give Land or Property
Highlands Christian Academy will gladly accept gifts of land or property. Because of the unique circumstances surrounding such gifts, this process is more complex, but we can assist you through it.

Give Appreciated Securities
Avoid paying capital gains taxes on your assets by transferring your stocks, bonds and/or mutual funds to HCA. You can deduct the full market value on the date of transfer without having to pay taxes on the increased value as long as you have owned the assets for at least one year.

Give Using a Gift Annuity Agreement
Make a gift to HCA and receive fixed payments annually for life. Payments are based on the age of the donor; the older the donor, the larger the payments. Tax deductions are allowed on a portion of the gift and for a period of years, part of the payments will be taxed as income. If other donated assets have appreciated, the realized capital gains can be reported over a period of time equal to your life expectancy and that of another payment recipient you may name.

Give Donations, “Gifts-In-Kind”
Items such as books, computers, athletic equipment, landscaping, building materials, or items for fundraising events can be donated to benefit HCA. Please provide us with a listing of the item(s) to be donated with the estimated value(s).

Give by Life Insurance
You can make a significant impact in the future ministry of Highlands Christian Academy when you make us the beneficiary of your life insurance policy. You also gain an immediate benefit, as your premiums will become tax deductible.

Give by Estate Planning – For more details visit the official planned giving website.

Thank you for your generosity!
Highlands Staff, Faculty, Students & Families

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