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Mrs. Sandy Robertson

Sandy.RobertsonMrs. Sandy Robertson teaches 7th grade life science, high school biology, and high school marine science. She feels that what sets HCA apart from other schools is the concern and care we have for the students. “We want them to excel and succeed in their academics,” she shares, “but most important, we are concerned about their spiritual need for salvation and living the Christian life.”

What do you love most about Highlands?
“I like the community spirit of a small school where everyone knows everyone else—and the deep sense of realization that we are here to glorify God in everything.”

Why do you like teaching at Highlands?
“As a teacher, I feel like I am supported by the administration and by the majority of the parents. I enjoy seeing parents and students at extracurricular events and have developed a friendship with many of them.”

How is faith and learning integrated at Highlands?
“Faith and learning is integrated here at Highlands by devotions in the classroom, applying spiritual lessons to what is being taught in the classroom, and by chapel times.”

How do you make a spiritual impact on your students?
“I have weekly devotions on the first day of the week, with a verse and applicable thought for the week written on my board. I also interject biblical thoughts as they relate to the lessons I am teaching.”

What is something unique that you bring to your classroom to help shape the learning experiences of your students?
“I often show actual specimens so that my students know what we are describing in class. For example, I recently brought in a slime mold (from the playground wood chips) to show to the biology class. (It was mentioned in the textbook as an exemption to the cell theory.) I also have taken close up photographs of living organisms that I can show when we talk about them in class.”

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