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Mrs. Rose Brisco

Rose.BriscoMrs. Rose Brisco teaches third grade and coaches varsity softball. Her own three sons attended HCA, and now her granddaughter is a very happy preschool student here. “HCA definitely has a family atmosphere! So many staff members have longevity at Highlands and love this place…and the students!”

Why do you like teaching at Highlands?
“I love the support from my co-teachers and the administration. I love the fact that I can pray and discuss Jesus with my students and their parents.”

How is faith and learning integrated at Highlands?
“I incorporate Christian and biblical facts in all areas of my teaching. ‘Christian’ is part of our name. We have weekly chapels.”

How do you make a spiritual impact on your students?
“I feel that my spiritual impact comes from my daily walk with Christ and my example. I try to discuss it with my students in all areas of teaching, and I also use examples of men and women in the Bible.”

What do you think sets HCA apart from other schools?
“The Christian aspect and roles that we all teach and demonstrate. Also, we are constantly moving forward with technology.”

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