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Mrs. Judy Meriwether

Judy.MeriwetherMrs. Judy Meriwether teaches K5. What she loves most about Highlands is that it is “a proven ministry.” She shares, “God’s protection is evident, in that in an ever-changing world, HCA continues to remain spiritually relevant in carrying out its mission for more than 50 years.”

Why do you like teaching at Highlands?
“The doctrinal consistency provided HCA through Grace Baptist Church is our cornerstone. I am grateful that I never need to wonder if the doctrinal concepts I taught last year have been modified.”

How is faith and learning integrated at Highlands?
“Sharing Jesus Christ every day is my calling and ministry, and brings me much joy. Helping each student succeed and reach their full potential spiritually and academically gives me a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. In addition, I enjoy helping my students realize the Lord has a purpose and plan for each of them. Through our curriculum and personal testimony, knowledge of the Lord is made a part of every subject. A foundation for salvation is carefully structured throughout the year to lead our students to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. A byproduct of accomplishing the above allows God’s Word to be brought into the students’ homes. This is my goal. I love my K5 students and the opportunity I have daily to mold and develop their spiritual and educational foundation. It is such a blessing to see the growth in these areas as I prepare them for first grade.”

What is something unique that you bring to the classroom to help shape the learning experiences of your students?
“I try to balance my years of experience and time-proven methods with new technology. As an example, I use flannel-graph along with my active board for my Bible lessons. The flannel-graph remains as a lasting visual throughout the week for students to personally review and enjoy. Also, I developed a daily reward program which teaches the monetary system where each student earns reward dollars and is given an opportunity to purchase from a selection of rewards at the end of each week. During the week, I provide special occasions for students to earn additional dollars. I have returning students of 20 years asking if I still give dollars—saying it is one of the fun things they remember about kindergarten.”

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