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Mrs. Debbie Kemper

Debbie.KemperMrs. Debbie Kemper is a K5 Aide, teaches high school yearbook, and also oversees the elementary yearbook. She loves that Highlands is a close-knit Christian community. “We can know students in a way that would be unlikely in a public school setting,” she shares. “Students can share their prayer requests, and as a class we pray for them. When we see answers to our prayers, the students can see the power of our God.”

Why do you like teaching at Highlands?
“I know that God has placed me here after so many years working in the secular world. He prepared me by giving me so many different job experiences I can use in the work that I do here.”

How is faith and learning integrated at Highlands?
“At HCA, we can embrace the place faith holds in all areas of life, weather it is science, literature, history, or PE.”

How do you make a spiritual impact on your students?
“I have had the opportunity to share with my students what God has done in my life. In K5 it is in a more simplified way. Sometimes at recess I have the opportunity to teach the children how a Christian child should act and react to situations that arise with other children. In the classroom when I teach social studies about people in faraway lands, we talk about how those people might be a bit different than you and I, but they still need Jesus just like us. In high school, I am able to talk to my students on a more mature level, being there to listen when they are going through a struggle and giving advice from my own life experiences.”

What is something unique that you bring to your classroom to help shape the learning experiences of your students?
“Having worked previously in secular, non-educational environments has given me a different perspective than perhaps a person who has only worked in a Christian educational setting. My experiences of learning by doing have shaped me, and I use that in teaching my yearbook students as they think through, design, and write content.”

What do you think sets HCA apart from other schools?
“The love and care that is given to each student and each employee. HCA has a wonderfully diverse population, numerous ethnicities, and languages that make it a beautiful taste of heaven.”

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