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Mrs. Damaris Nevitt

Damaris.Nevitt acrMrs. Damaris Nevitt teaches elementary music, 6th grade drama and choir, 7th/8th grade choir, and high school choir. She shares that she loves working with all the different personalities and talents and seeing them meld together to create a beautiful mosaic in music! “Everyone has a gift,” Mrs. Nevitt says, “and it’s awesome to see it all come together.”

What do you love most about Highlands?
“The people! From the caring staff to the beautiful students, it’s a joy to drive onto the campus every day!”

How is faith and learning integrated at Highlands?
“Faith and learning work side by side. From our staff devotions, to teaching opportunities with the Word, you can’t separate the two. It becomes a real part of life.”

How do you make a spiritual impact on your students?
“I try to incorporate biblical teaching and encouragement whenever it’s appropriate in the lessons.”

What is something unique that you bring to your classroom to help shape the learning experiences of your students?
“I bring over 25 years of teaching experience into the classroom. I have seen many different scenarios, but know deep down that everyone has needs—and I like to think that I’ve become good at reading students and helping them to be their very best. I like to see students realize that they are able to do something they never thought possible!”

What do you think sets HCA apart from other schools?
“It’s a wonderful campus, with many diverse people and backgrounds, but at heart of Highlands is the faith we have in God and consistently striving to show that faith in a real and tangible way to all we meet.”

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