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Measuring 50 Years

NEW BRAND 50thMeasuring 50 Years
HCA Celebrates a Golden Anniversary
Ken Lopez, Headmaster

A look back to 1965 reveals a lot about American culture. The Ford Mustang was introduced along with the Pillsbury Doughboy, Kellogg’s Pop Tarts, and the 8-track cartridge. The Beatles invaded America, we watched the first Charlie Brown Christmas Special on TV, and the Sound of Music became a notable film. Important advancements were being made in the Civil Rights Movement as Martin Luther King led a march in Alabama from Montgomery to Selma.

That same year, Highlands Christian Academy opened its doors as Pompano Baptist School with 15 students, one teacher, and one educational building. Now, 50 years later, Highlands has seen almost 1,500 graduates receive diplomas, the campus expanded to over 27 acres with 100,000 square feet of educational facilities, and most importantly, thousands of lives impacted with the message of Christ.

Highlands’ graduates have charted courses to become engineers, doctors, pastors, attorneys, CPAs, university professors, missionaries, nurses, paramedics, teachers, youth pastors, marine biologists, veterinarians, fire fighters, financial planners, professional athletes, policemen, business owners, as well as too many other professions to mention. All these are wonderful pursuits and worthy endeavors. A deeper consideration, however, would be to ask, What is the greater impact of these students’ lives? What success have our graduates experienced as husbands, wives, parents, neighbors, hardworking employees, fair-minded employers, citizens, and faithful church members serving God?

It has been rewarding for me to hear about and talk with many of our graduates striving to make their life meaningful in the latter-mentioned areas. They are living lives that God is blessing! They are influencing a society that has shifted from honoring godly principles, to consenting to those ideals, and now aggressively attacking the foundations and purposes on which America was founded.

Highlands is blessed to reflect on the past 50 years, but is also looking forward to continuing to assist parents in the process of the biblical training of students in all aspects of Christian education and living for many years to come. We hope you will join us in September as we celebrate 50 years of educating students and serving the South Florida community.

Anniversary Weekend Highlights (Details HERE)

Friday, Sept. 4 – 50th Anniversary Knights Home Varsity Football Game
Saturday, Sept. 5 
– 50th Anniversary Golf Event & Celebration Banquet 
Sunday, Sept. 6 
– 50th Anniversary Service at Grace Baptist & Family Picnic

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