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Concert Etiquette

The Music Department of Highlands Christian Academy seeks to educate the public as well as its own music students. In this spirit, we have outlined what are widely considered appropriate behaviors for audience members at a musical performance. In today’s world, there are many types of activities in which our students participate. What may be considered appropriate at a sporting event may not be appropriate at a concert. Please take these suggestions in the spirit they are given. It will increase everyone’s enjoyment of the concert!

A good audience member…
Remains quiet and attentive during the performance.
Shows appreciation by applauding at the end of the performance. (Whistling and yelling are for outdoor activities.)
Finds a babysitter for young children who are not old enough to understand or enjoy the performance.
Remains seated during the entire performance.
Listens to all of the groups performing at the concert.
Enters and exits through the back of the auditorium.
Waits until applause begins to leave or return to your seat.
Never enters or exits the auditorium while a group is performing.
Silences cell phones and other electronic devices.
Leaves food and drink outside the auditorium.
Is on time for the performance.

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