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Coach Jim Good

jim.good crCoach Jim Good is the HCA Athletic Director. He also teaches 6th & 9th grade boys PE and high school weight training. It is his goal to make a spiritual impact on the students through his personal testimony, sharing devotions, and praying with and for his students and players.

What do you love most about Highlands?
“First, we are Christ-centered in all we do. Second, I love the people—faculty and staff, coaches, students, and families.”

Why do you like teaching at Highlands?
“I know it’s exactly where God wants me to be, and that makes it enjoyable!”

How is faith and learning integrated at Highlands?
“It’s integrated in all we do!”

What is a something unique that you bring to Highlands to help shape the learning experiences of your students and athletes?
“Being involved in a variety of sports since a very young age helps me relate to all of our athletes. I’m appreciative of the many valuable lessons that I have learned through athletics and try to share those with the students.”

What do you think sets HCA apart from other schools?
“Teachers and coaches really care about their students and players. It’s not just a job!”

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