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Junior High

HCA Junior High Students Learn to Know, Love, and Follow Christ for Life!

Junior High Students are . . .
*Taught the Word of God in Bible class and other subjects
*Challenged by the Word of God in classroom devotions and weekly chapel
*Encouraged by the Word of God through the personal example of their teachers and coaches
*Motivated to live out the Word of God both on the HCA campus and in everyday life at home and in the community

Junior High students attend Bible class every day and chapel once a week. They are responsible for regular memorization of the Scripture through their Bible class assignments. In addition to their regular Bible curriculum, students have the opportunity to present individual and group projects and complete online assignments. Many of the Bible classes also commit to class ventures which assist individuals or families experiencing difficulties such as illness, financial hardship, and loss of loved ones. Through these opportunities, HCA junior high students learn to demonstrate the love of Christ in a practical way.

Weekly Chapel Highlights include . . . 
*Announcements and weekly awards
*Bible messages and special presentations from our principals, teachers, staff, guest speakers, and students

Junior High Bible Class Curriculum

6th Grade – Winning the Race 
Using the theme of athletic competition and drawing from studies of various Bible characters and an overview of the Book of Revelation, students learn how the principles of God’s Word can help them gain victory in the race of life. (Positive Action for Christ Bible Curriculum)

7th Grade – Wise Up
The junior high years are a time when young people begin to make more and more decisions for themselves. This increasing freedom is accompanied by greater responsibility and higher expectations in many areas of life. This study from Proverbs helps 7th graders master the principles that will help them live wisely and become more like Christ. (Positive Action for Christ Bible Curriculum)

8th Grade – Route 66
Many of today’s junior high students lack a basic knowledge of the Word of God. This study is designed to provide that introduction and prepare them for the rich truths of Scripture. Route 66 integrates a fast-moving Bible survey with personal application and an emphasis on God’s power and activity. During their journey, students visit all 66 books, from creation to the cross to the consummation of time. (Positive Action for Christ Bible Curriculum)

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