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High School

HCA High School Students Learn to Know, Love, and Follow Christ for Life!

HCA High School Students are . . .
*Taught the Word of God in Bible class and other subjects
*Challenged by the Word of God in classroom devotions and weekly chapel
*Encouraged by the Word of God through the personal example of their teachers and coaches
*Motivated to live out the Word of God both on the HCA campus and in everyday life at home and in the community.

High School students attend Bible class every day and chapel once a week. They are responsible for regular memorization of the Scripture through their Bible class assignments. In addition to their regular Bible curriculum, students have the opportunity to present individual and group projects and complete online assignments. Many of the Bible classes also commit to class ventures which assist individuals or families experiencing difficulties such as illness, financial hardship, and loss of loved ones. Through these opportunities, HCA high school students learn to demonstrate the love of Christ in a practical way—and live out Christianity on a daily basis!

Weekly Chapel Highlights include . . .
*Announcements and weekly awards
*Bible messages and special presentations from our principals, teachers, staff, guest speakers, and students

High School Bible Classes Scope & Curriculum

High School students in grades 9-11 all study the same Bible curriculum each year. This rotation offers students a well-rounded Bible foundation and allows 9-11th grade students to receive the same instruction during the course of a school year. The rotated courses include: Life of Christ, Old Testament, Behold Your God, Dynamic Christian Living, and Proverbs. Twelfth graders at HCA study Understanding the Times in Senior Bible Class. All courses are described below.

Life of Christ
To many people, Christ is merely a historical fact—rather than a living, personal reality. We know that Christ lived, and we know much about what He did; however, even we as Christians seldom experience His presence as we should. The purpose of The Life of Christ (from the Gospel of John) is to make Jesus Christ real to students. (Positive Action for Christ Bible Curriculum)

Old Testament
This study features lessons from the Old Testament, particularly finding Christ in the Old Testament. Students also learn about the Old Testament characters, both heroes and villains, and how their lives apply to our daily Christian living today. (Bob Jones Bible Curriculum)

Behold Your God
This study has one purpose—to encourage students to know God! Students discover that they learn about God by focusing on His Word and His works. To know God is to love God, and to love God is to want to serve Him. This practical study paves the way for genuine, loving Christian service with the right heart attitude. (Positive Action for Christ Bible Curriculum)

Dynamic Christian Living
Bringing our lives into greater conformity to Christ should be every Christian’s desire. This study gives your students the basic tools needed to “jump start” their journey toward spiritual maturity. Through this study, students will attain a clearer understanding of salvation, learn how to study God’s Word, and recognize the power and necessity of prayer. They will also learn how to share Christ with the lost and to daily live out their faith and love towards God. (Positive Action for Christ Bible Curriculum)

Preeminently a book of principles, Proverbs provides the foundation from which the rules of life are drawn. This study confronts students with the true meaning of wisdom and teaches how they can live by God’s wisdom in every area of life. (Positive Action for Christ Bible Curriculum)

Understanding the Times
This course is designed to equip students to face our world with the influences of Secular Humanism, Marxism/Leninism, and the New Age Movement. These worldviews, in turn, are compared to Biblical Christianity. The comparing and contrasting of these four views affirms the incredible clarity, coherence, and truthfulness of the Christian worldview. (Harvest House)

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