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Welcome to Highlands Christian Academy, a K3 through 12th grade school where we’ve been preparing the next generation for success for more than 50 years.

Highlands may be the place for your family, and we’d love to show you around our school! This simple checklist (numbered 1-7 on left) will help you through the admissions process which begins with a tour of our 27-acre campus and comes to completion with your student’s new enrollment at Highlands.

While you work through the admissions process, be sure to browse our website for all the exciting things an education at Highlands offers you and your family. Please contact the Director of Admissions at 954-421-1747 x1026 for more information about your child’s future at Highlands.

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1. Tuition & Fees

Tuition & Fees for 2020-2021

The application process can be completed on the home page of our website (“Apply Now” at top of page). Please follow the prompts to sign up and make payment. VPK4 students are not required to pay an application fee.

New Application Fee (non-refundable)
$250.00 per child – New Student
$300.00 per child – International Student

This fee covers the cost of matriculation and testing, and is required prior to the processing of any application.

Re-enrollment Fee (see *note below)
$150.00 per child – returning students only (fee non-refundable) – does not apply to VPK4
*Please note: If paid after April 1st, this fee will be $250.00.

Grade Annual Tuition* Consolidated Fee
K3 (Half Day)
K3 (Full Day)
VPK4 (Half Day)
K4 (Full Day
Kindergarten $9,200.00 $500.00
1st Grade $9,350.00 $500.00
2nd Grade $9,450.00 $500.00
3rd Grade $9,550.00 $500.00
4th Grade $9,650.00 $500.00
5th Grade $9,800.00 $500.00
6th Grade $10,350.00 $550.00
7th Grade $10,700.00 $550.00
8th Grade $10,800.00 $550.00
9th Grade $11,300.00 $600.00
10th Grade $11,500.00 $600.00
11th Grade $11,500.00 $600.00
12th Grade $11,700.00 $600.00

* Annual Tuition will incur a one-time $20 billing service fee per family with annual payment and is paid through SMART Tuition. You will receive a 3% discount if paid by August 1st.

**Monthly Tuition will incur a one-time $50 billing service fee per family with 1st monthly payment if enrolled in auto-debit through SMART Tuition.

**Monthly Tuition will incur a $100 billing service fee with $50 paid with your first payment and the balance divided over your payment plan if not enrolled in auto-debit through SMART Tuition..

Included in Consolidated Fee: Use of softback textbooks, workbooks, hardback books; achievement testing; secondary student liability coverage; locker and lock rental; activity fee; season tickets to home games; yearbook; elective fees; and lab fees. May be paid in full by July 1st, or included in monthly payments with SMART Tuition. Monthly payments will be subjected a $100 annual fee, which will be included in your monthly payment. Excludes: PE uniforms and field trips.

A Multi-Student Discount will be given to families with more than one child enrolled. The oldest child will be charged the full price, and any other children will receive a 11% discount on tuition. Families with more than four enrolled students will pay a maximum out-of-pocket expense of $1,000 (for tuition only) per child beginning with the fifth student.

Additional Fees
$150.00 – Security Fee
$125.00 – Drama Participation Fee (per year)
$50.00 – Junior Class Fee
$150.00 – Senior Class Fee
$150.00 – AP Class/Testing Fee (per course)
$125.00 – Quiz Team Fee

Athletic Fees (per year) as follows:
$100.00 – Elementary ($50 for second sport, $25 for third sport)
$150.00 – Secondary ($50 for second sport, $25 for third sport)
$250.00 – International Students

Click HERE to download the 2020-2021 Schedule of Tuition and Fees

After-School Programs (Please keep your own records for tax purposes.)
School Tax ID: 59-1108796

 Program  Hours  Tuition & Consolidated Fee
K3 PREPARE Noon – 3:00 PM $3,500 / $180
K4 PREPARE 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM $4,200 / $180
K3 – 6th Full-time Aftercare 3:00 – 6:00 PM $2,700

Aftercare Drop-in (beginning at 3:00 p.m) for K3 – 6th Grade
There is a charge of $12.00 per hour or any part of the hour for any drop-in use of aftercare due to lateness, special circumstances, etc. The charge will be added to your SMART account the following month. Full-time aftercare is on a per-semester basis. If you withdraw your child from full-time aftercare during the semester, the child cannot re-enter on a full-time basis until the beginning of the next semester. Drop-in aftercare will be available if the student withdraws from aftercare anytime during the month. No refund will be given for any part of that month’s payment. If your child is using aftercare on a drop-in basis, you may sign him/her up for full-time aftercare anytime during that semester, but you must commit to the remainder of that semester. A form must be filled out in the school office whenever any changes, additions, or withdrawals are made for your child’s aftercare.

Requirements for Registration
Upon registration, HCA requires that new students have an original birth certificate, an original current State of Florida Health Form, an original current Florida Immunization Certificate, proof of insurance, and a copy of the most recent report card, and achievement test scores. Highlands requires that the student speaks and understands English fluently. Students must be of proper age on or before September 1 to enter into their respective grade. International students seeking acceptance at Highlands must have at least 2.5 cumulative GPA to be considered. Transcripts in original language and English are required.

Re-enrolling students must have an updated health form and current immunization certificate.

This program is designed to encourage HCA families to introduce the Academy to other families in the community. A tuition discount of $200.00 per student will be given for recommendations resulting in new enrollment for the following school year. We trust that this program will be a benefit to the school and an encouragement to those sharing in the ministry of Highlands. Please note the guidelines below:

Please contact the financial office for further guidelines. (VPK students are not included in the program.)

Payment Information
The rates for tuition and after-school care are annual fees, payable by one of the following options:
1) Annual Tuition (tuition only) if paid in full by August 1st is eligible to receive a 3% discount.
2) Monthly Tuition will be paid through SMART Tuition over a 12, 11, or 10-month plan depending on when you enroll your child. The plans will start in June 2020 and end in May 2021. All charges are due on the 1st of the month and will incur a $25.00 late fee if not paid within 30 days. Any returned payment will be subject to a $35.00 returned payment fee. NO PAYMENTS WILL BE RECEIVED IN THE SCHOOL OFFICE. Report cards will not be issued to those students with balances on their accounts. Students with accounts 60 days past due will not be admitted to class. School rates are annual rates, and no credit can be given when a child is sick or goes on vacation.

Student withdrawals must be conducted through the school office. Once a financial agreement has been signed, paying parties are responsible for the entire semester cost, even if the student is withdrawn from the institution before completing the semester. All books, equipment, etc., must be turned in at the time of withdrawal. A parent will be charged for any required materials not turned in at that time. Report cards, student records, and transcripts cannot be released until all outstanding accounts are cleared. Details are available through the Student Billing Office.

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2. Documents & Testing

Documents & Testing

After completing the online application, you will be asked to submit the following documents:

All Grade Levels
Copy of birth certificate
Original health form (DH3040)
Original immunization form (DH680)
Copy of health insurance card
Copy of parent photo ID

Additional Documents

K4 Students
Original signed and dated VPK voucher

Kindergarten – 12th Grade Students
Previous final report cards including behavior and attendance records (3 years prior)
Standardized test scores (3 years prior)
Current teacher email address (for Student Recommendation Form)

McKay/ESE Students
Recent psychological evaluation
Recent IEP

International Students
Transcripts in original and translated language
Explanation of courses and grading scale
Copy of passport

When your admissions file is complete, we will contact you for entrance testing. 

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3. Family Interview

Family Interview
Prior to an enrollment decision being made, all students entering K5 through 12th grade, accompanied by a parent, will be scheduled for an interview with the appropriate grade-level principal. The principal is given the opportunity to meet the new family and become familiar with the needs and interests of the student. This meeting also allows the student and the parent to learn additional information about school life at Highlands.

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4. Financial Meeting

Financial Meeting

In the meeting with our financial office, a review of all financial responsibilities will be communicated to the family. The parent/guardian responsible for the financial liability must be present and in agreement. All decisions are final and review or revision of any financial aid or assistance would have to take place the following academic school year.

Step Up for Students Scholarship
In 2001, the Florida Legislature created the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship (income-based scholarship) to assure that low-income children have learning options. Under the law, the scholarships are based on financial need, not on how well your child does in school.

Step UPStudents learn in different ways and parents need to find the best school for each child. Step Up For Students exists to help low-income families enjoy other options such as a private school. The scholarship helps cover private school tuition and fees.

For information, go to the Step Up for Students website or call the Main School Office at 954-421-1747.

FAST (Financial Aid for School Tuition)
Financial aid for Highlands is open from March 15 through October 1.  If you try to apply after October 1 for that school year or before March 15 for the following school year, the application will not be available on the FAST website.

Highlands offers a financial assistance program to families through FAST. Assistance is offered to families who are going through temporary setbacks, such as loss of job, severe illness, or injury. Our financial aid program is meant to be used one or two years during the student’s educational stay.

Students must first be registered and accepted into Highlands in order to be evaluated for financial aid assistance.

Families interested in financial aid must go to the home page of our website (bottom half of page) and click the blue button “Financial Aid Application.” Please fill out the form thoroughly and submit it online. Once you have completed the application, you will be required to mail a copy of your tax return for the previous year to FAST.

FAST will then offer a suggested amount for aid, and Highlands will contact you as to the percentage of aid your family will be given. Financial aid applies to the upcoming year’s tuition and daycare only, and does not apply to any fees, such as registration, consolidated, class fees, previous tuition or charges, etc.

Families must apply for financial aid each year. Highlands takes into consideration many factors when evaluating for financial aid including financial need/ability, expenses, family background, academic and behavioral standing of student(s), previous financial aid granted, payment history, grade level/capacity, number of families applying for aid, and discount money available.

Pastors Discount
This program is for pastors, who according to I Timothy 3:2, are head of household, work as senior or youth pastor, derive 90 percent of their income from the church, and are ordained by the governing body of the church. Proof required with tax returns and a letter from church affiliation or association. An application must be submitted through FAST. (More information available in the main school office.)

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5. Acceptance/Enrollment


A letter of acceptance from the Registrar’s Office will be sent to all students who meet the requirements for admissions into Highlands Christian Academy.

Please note that all new students at HCA are placed on academic probation for the first grading period.  If any exceptions or conditions apply to a student’s admission, they will be outlined in writing and must be agreed upon prior to the student’s first day of school.

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