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Junior High

IMG_9195Highlands Junior High School
Inspiring Excellence, Integrity, and Faith

The Highlands Christian Academy Junior High School is a place where sixth through eighth grade students grow academically, spiritually, and emotionally.

While the junior high years are very exciting for students and their parents, they can also be challenging times for others. Students are leaving the structure and security of the elementary grades and entering a time of greater freedom and responsibility. Some junior high students begin questioning the world around them and testing their familiar boundaries. Others seek their identity and place in a complex world. That’s why HCA has purposed to give students a broad-spectrum junior high education that includes educating the mind, challenging the body, and strengthening the spirit.

The early teen years are a formative time for relationships. At HCA, we believe God has created us to live in communities and to function as salt and light in our world. That’s why HCA provides a safe environment for age-appropriate interaction with peers, staff, and the local community. We encourage relationships free of bullying that are characterized by respect, compassion, honesty, forgiveness, and purity.

This is also a time when many students commit to a relationship with Jesus Christ and come to know Him personally. We are blessed to have Christian teachers at HCA who are not only trained in their subject area but who also serve as excellent role models. We know that young eyes and ears are watching and learning from their teachers’ actions as much as they do from their textbooks.

Teachers at HCA realize what a difficult job it is to be a parent today. Most of our teachers are parents, aunts, uncles, or grandparents themselves. That’s why they maintain a team-effort mentality with parents, embracing the privilege and responsibility of coming alongside families in the biblical training of their children.

The curriculum here at HCA can be challenging for some students. However, we offer a variety of support, whether it is Help Classes for extra assistance in a particular class, After-School Study Hall to help students get organized and complete their homework, or the Junior High STAR Program which helps prepare students for high school honors courses.

National achievement test results consistently indicate superior HCA student ranking among their peers across the country. Along with academic classes, junior high students enjoy a variety of electives such as computers, fine arts, and robotics.

If you are interested in learning more about the Junior High at HCA, please call Michelle Shingleton at 954-421-1747 x1026 to schedule an appointment, a tour – or just to chat about our school.

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