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Mrs. DeWitt’s 4th Graders, 1983

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Highlands Christian Academy, 1977

Highlands Christian Academy
Inspiring Excellence, Integrity, and Faith …  for 50 Years

For many, 1965 was a time of carefree innocence. School-aged children were infatuated with superballs and skateboards. Ticket holders stood in line to see The Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, and My Fair Lady. Fashions were changing, and the Ford Mustang was introduced.

But it was also a time of turbulence. The war in Vietnam continued to worsen, while anti-war protests gained movement in the U.S. The Voting Rights Act, guaranteeing African Americans the right to vote, became law. But civil unrest, including rioting, looting, and arson, was widespread in many American cities.

Against the backdrop of innocence and turmoil, a small congregation in Pompano Beach, Florida set out to change the world . . . one student at a time.

A few years earlier, members of the Pompano Baptist Temple (now known as Grace Baptist Church) began discussing the need for a quality Christian school in South Florida. In a quickly changing world, they envisioned a school where students would be taught the timeless truths of the Bible by Christian teachers who loved Christ and placed Him at the center of all academic, spiritual, and physical training.

So in September of 1965, after much prayer and preparation, Pompano Baptist School opened its doors. That first year, there were just fifteen students enrolled and one teacher employed. By 1970, several new buildings had been constructed, enrollment was steadily increasing, and a new name was chosen for the school: Highlands Christian Academy (HCA).

The tenth anniversary of the school brought many exciting developments. As enrollment continued to grow, a new building was constructed that housed a gymnasium, science labs, music rooms, and cafeteria facilities. That year also saw HCA’s first graduating class!

Over the next decade, athletic fields were developed and additional classrooms were built. In 1990, a new church auditorium was constructed, providing a place for student chapel services as well as school plays and musicals.

The next phase of major construction occurred in 1999, when the secondary building was completed to provide space for a growing student body. The new facility included a fully-equipped computer lab, a full-service cafeteria, and administrative offices. To enhance the sports program, lights were installed on all three athletic fields the next year. A few years later, in 2006, the elementary building was renovated. In 2010 and 2011 bleachers were added to the football field and new entrances were constructed for the elementary building and gymnasium.

In addition to structural modernization of the campus, HCA is pleased to be at the forefront of technological developments. Computer labs are available in each buildings, and ActivBoards are used in all elementary classrooms. All teachers at HCA are provided with an iPad or Surface Pro 3 (or both), allowing them to instruct students with amazing visual aids projected onto a large screen—right from the teachers’ desktops.

HCA believes these advancements, combined with a broad-spectrum Christian education and plenty of opportunities for relationship building, help create an engaging learning experience for students that ignites creativity, fuels motivation, and inspires excellence. Their desire is to equip students with every possible advantage for success in higher education and in whatever career or ministry God might call them.

Since the school’s inception fifty years ago, 1,500 students have graduated from HCA with their high school diploma. Each school year, 600+ students receive a broad-spectrum Christian education and are trained in biblical living by 70+ faculty and staff members.

Looking Ahead
As HCA celebrates the milestone of fifty years, the staff, leadership, and students continue to pursue the same mission declared five decades ago: In a quickly changing world, they dedicate themselves to a school where students are taught the timeless truths of the Bible by Christian teachers who love Christ and place Him at the center of all academic, spiritual, and physical training. Their continued goal? To inspire excellence, integrity, and faith—and change the world one student at a time.

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