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Setting Aside Time to Celebrate the Savior!

Setting Aside Time to Celebrate the Savior!

Have you ever noticed how quickly days become mundane? Even in this year of the pandemic, mundane easily defines what we do. The same thing yesterday is the same thing today. Soon the days lose any idea of being special.

That’s how this story begins. It was just another day. For most people it seemed like a regular afternoon and evening. People were going about their business. They were unaware of the grand day it truly was. There was talk in the town for sure; one thing was on everyone’s mind – taxes were due again.

But on this particular day in heaven, it was very different. Heaven’s attention, and I mean all of heaven’s attention, was focused on one little town situated in hill country. Why would this day in eternity have all of paradise looking over the edge of heaven? Why was heaven in full anticipation and excitement focused on a little town in the Judean hillside? Something very sensational was about to happen.

This particular day was the crux of eternity. Over 4,000 years of earthly history was at a pivot point, and the balance of the rest of eternity was about to move forward with rejoicing.

The eternal God, the all-powerful, all-knowing Creator of all things, would soon show up here on earth. His arrival was even more incredible because He would show up as a baby.

The I AM will become dependent on a mother. A young lady would now have the care of the King of kings and Lord of lords. What heaven knew that others did not was that this Child was the hope of all humanity.

Is it any wonder heaven was waiting, expecting the birth of Jesus Christ with such amazement? Angels waited to make the grand announcement. Would they announce to the mayor? Would they go before the governor? Probably the king would receive this great news.

No, they were staged over this insignificant town. They hovered between the stars and a sheepfold just outside of town. Full anticipation of the Advent of Jesus reached its peak. God’s only Son would be born in a common, mundane way. God works in mysterious ways.

Soon the time came, and Luke 2:7 tells us, “She brought forth her first born Son and wrapped him in swaddling clothes.” But I believe with what I see in the angels’ message to the shepherds, heaven knew how grand this birth was and all of heaven shouted, “He is born!” with “Redemption draws nigh!” following in response.

With that, the angels fulfilled their orders. The herald made the grand announcement, “A Savior is born.” That said, the shepherds decided, “We must go see the Savior.”

“A Savior is born!” Since that proclamation, Jesus Christ’s renown has not diminished. Yet, it seems many still go about business as usual.

Please don’t let this be just another Christmas season. It should not be just another day. Understand what heaven understands about this Baby. He is the Savior, born to save His people from their sins.

All of heaven anticipated this day. This day came as the Apostle Paul said about this day “…in the fullness of time…” (Gal. 4:4). Even though most on earth saw it as just another day in history, eternity past had planned for this very special day.

This year of 2020, set aside time to celebrate the birth of the Savior. Is it just business as usual for you and me? Are we excited about the celebration of Jesus, the Redeemer?

Celebrate Jesus, the Son of God, who has come to redeem whosoever will!

I trust and hope that Christmas is a time of joy with wonderful thoughts of your Savior.

– Dr. Steve Lawrence
Highlands Administrator

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