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Suggestions for a Successful School Year – Part 2

Suggestions for a Successful School Year – Part 2

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We asked the HCA staff to share suggestions for a successful school year. This week the thoughts come from Mr. Larry Smith, Secondary Principal, who raised three Highlands graduates and now has three grandsons. In other words, he knows a lot about students! Here’s what he suggests:

* Pray with your kids.
* Live by God’s priorities.
* Treat your family like the time spent together is your priority.
* Love your spouse. Your kids will eat it up, and they will follow your example.
* Don’t over-schedule your life or your kids. Eat meals together.
* Expect students to study in a public place of the house.
* Monitor social media – who pays for the phone anyway?
* No TV, games, phones, or computers in the bedroom.
* Hug your kids as many times as you eat per day, snacks included!
* If you do all these, school will fall into place.
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