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Greetings to New & Returning Families

Greetings to New & Returning Families

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Welcome to the new school year! It has been an interesting start, and our usual back-to-school activities have certainly been missed.

I have not been able to meet our new Highlands families, nor have I been able to greet the returning families. I look forward to when we can once again have these times of fellowship, but for now, I want to take a moment and say hello! We are so glad you are with us as we continue to prepare the next generation for success.

It is wonderful to be back in school. What a joy to see students walking the hallways, working in class, and seeing their friends again. It has been six months since the buildings have been active with students. It is good to see young people doing what young people should be doing in September – getting in the rhythm of school again. Thank you for entrusting Highlands with the education of your children. It is something we take very seriously. This year, more than ever, we are committed to providing a quality education and are doing everything we can to move Highlands forward in the educational process.

Highlands has moved into new areas, offering in-class and online education at the same time. This is requiring much effort from the teachers and students, and we are proud of the strides being made by both. Despite some minor challenges, things are going well. We are working through difficulties and being proactive on correcting additional foreseeable issues. Thank you for your support as we implement these new processes.

We are working hard to keep everyone on campus safe and healthy, emphasizing three key elements: keeping faces covered, social distancing, and frequent hand-washing. Thank you for being patient as we take temperatures of all students and staff each morning. As of today, you will see signs on campus that indicate symptoms related to COVID-19. We reiterate that if your child or anyone in your household has these symptoms, the student should remain at home. These guidelines are for the health and safety of our school and entire community.

Please continue to pray for the Lord’s protection and care over Highlands. We pray you will have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend and look forward to seeing your students in class or online again next Tuesday.

Dr. Steve Lawrence
School Administrator

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