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Suggestions for a Successful School Year – Part 3

Suggestions for a Successful School Year – Part 3

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We’ve been asking the HCA staff to share suggestions for a successful school year. Here are two more! 
This suggestion is for parents with younger kids using technology, but who are still too young to make wise choices. Be sure that the device they are using for school purposes does not have any apps that distract them. Keep only the apps which your child’s teacher is using for learning purposes, and delete or turn off everything else.

– Mrs. Telma DaSilva

We are in a strange time, but try to always look for someone you can encourage and uplift – and cheer on your children as they do the same. My son is in 5th grade, and is not a fan of the masks. He was complaining last week about being on morning safety patrol, because he sweats so much with the mask on and gets mosquito bites being outside so early. I was able to share with him that he can be one of the first ones to say Good Morning to a student who may be having a rough morning. He can be one of the first to say Hi to a parent in car line after school as well; maybe that parent had a bad day at home/work, and he can make them smile. He loves to make people laugh so I told him how he can be an encouragement to someone possibly without even knowing it!
– Mrs. Lauren Massaro

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