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Highlands Congratulates Mrs. Angie Canning & Ms. Abi Valdes

Highlands Congratulates Mrs. Angie Canning & Ms. Abi Valdes

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Highlands Congratulates the 2020 Teachers of the Year – Mrs. Angie Canning & Ms. Abi Valdes!

Mrs. Angie Canning is a dedicated, veteran teacher committed to excellence. Beginning her career at Highlands 23 years ago, she has taught many grade levels and been involved with students in numerous extra-curricular activities. She currently teaches fifth grade, is the wife of longtime faculty member Bill Canning, and the mother of two secondary students and a Class of 2019 alumni.

Mrs. Canning is creative, patient, compassionate, and devoted to helping her students learn and achieve. Not only is she a hardworking teacher who cares deeply for her students and wants the very best for them, but she is also willing to go above and beyond to meet the needs of each child in her class. This positive attitude became especially evident the last two months of school during the transition to digital learning. It was no easy task to take a traditional classroom setting and put it online within just a few days, but Mrs. Canning stepped up to the challenge. Without missing a beat, she continued to provide her class with engaging lessons that kept students’ academics on track. During this time, she also spent countless hours working individually with students to help them learn, achieve academic success, and finish the school year strong.

Mrs. Canning is loved and respected by her peers, students, parents, and administration; and she continues to have a positive impact on the Highlands community. Congratulations and thank you, Mrs. Canning. It is a blessing to recognize you as Elementary Teacher of the Year!

Ms. Abi Valdes is no stranger to Highlands Christian Academy. She joined the Highlands family 10 years ago as a student. As the daughter of a former HCA teacher, Jackie Valdes, Abi took it all in and went on to prove the saying, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” Although this is only Abi’s second full year teaching and first year at Highlands, she has already demonstrated that she is doing what she was created to do.

Ms. Valdes has been a leader in practical use of educational technology, especially when faced with instant online instruction this spring. She emerged from being a rookie teacher to guiding many other faculty members in the immediately changeover from the traditional classroom to cyber learning. Her ability to help our school communicate through videos, both serious and funny, proved to be therapeutic during some lonely, challenging days.

Ms. Valdes not only serves at Highlands but is also active in Grace Church’s youth group, and many students have already been positively impacted through her involvement. She has been a blessing on our campus as a student, alumni (Class of 2014), and now a faculty member. Thank you, Ms. Valdes, and congratulations on being selected as Secondary Teacher of the Year!

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