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Welcome to 2018 from Dr. Lawrence!

Welcome to 2018 from Dr. Lawrence!

Welcome to 2018!

Left here a couple of weeks ago and headed for some time off.

I was like…







…headed to Las Vegas.

Lisa and I spent Christmas there. We needed to spend some time with our cute granddaughters. It has been said that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas; but if you know my wife, the whole world knows what happened in Vegas via Facebook.








Had a great time with those two girls. You should hear them scream when they open Christmas presents!








What a joyful experience! And, yes, I do miss the girls in Las Vegas.

We had a good time, and we made it back home to balmy South Florida. We arrived in time to watch the ball drop in New York City on TV. Those folks up north sure looked cold!

Not sure how, but a whole new year happened; and we are already two weeks into 2018.

Unlike Christmas, my New Year’s Eve was not Instagram or Facebook worthy. I’m OK with that. Because I am a little behind the times, I’m still working on 2015 New Year resolutions. The Ben Franklin approach to improvement is what I prefer. Work on one virtue at a time. Only when I get that bad habit improved and replaced will I move to the next virtue to develop. With that understanding back in 2015, I am still working on the resolution to lose 12 pounds; I only have 22 pounds to go.

Have you noticed that resolutions seem only to be something people talk about? People on TV talk all about your resolutions as if they know what you or I need to do. “You need to go to the gym,” they say. Or, “You need to eat this macaroni and cheese substitute that tastes just like real mac and cheese.” Then they explain this stuff is made of cauliflower and shredded squash. That’s not a resolution nor virtue; that is an untruth. They try to guilt us that we need to do this or that. This change in life usually involves paying dues for their gym membership or buying their self-improvement product.

Seriously, we should all reflect on how to improve our lives, but it should be something that happens regularly and not just December 31 or January 1. If you’re happy with this annual event and that works for you, I am all for you. Enjoy the fake mac and cheese.

My conscience works 365 days a year, and so does my guilt. I also am reminded by Peter in 2 Peter chapter 1:1-4 that I have all that I need for life and godliness. That means it is possible to add to my life each day those “virtues” that are good and necessary. Moment by moment I can get rid of those things that are negative and hurtful. The best part is that this is not an alone project. It is through Divine power.

The good habits are good because they are what Jesus taught. These virtues can be integrated into daily life, and those things that are self-serving can be put off. Have you noticed Peter said we have “precious promises?” These promises are precious because they are based on Jesus’ glory and virtue. That’s pretty amazing. Because we know Jesus cannot lie, it is possible to do right each day.

Wishing you all the blessings God’s glory and virtue provide! I am looking forward to a good year because Jesus is on the throne. It’s nice to know that there is something better than Mr. Franklin’s one virtue at a time and fake mac and cheese. Have a wonderful and blessed New Year as you walk through it with Jesus.

So go with confidence of His grace! Head into this 2018 and be like…

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