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Dr. Lawrence’s Educational Tips of the Month for Parents

Dr. Lawrence’s Educational Tips of the Month for Parents

I have always enjoyed the response I get from kids when they try to explain to me what is important and what they need to know to be successful in the future. Their 14 years of experience in life (half of which has been focused in some make-believe digital world) makes them an expert!

Seriously, it is a joy to teach and train young people. To be involved in the process of preparing children to be successful is amazing. Truth be told, while in school, the student generally does not see or understand all that the teacher does to invest in their lives.

Those who have taught for a while understand it is very important to motivate children. Each successful teacher has developed these essential skills. I have found that parents also desire to develop these skills. The question, How do I get my child engaged and enjoying school? is a tough one to answer at times. So, how do we get children excited about schoolwork and believing it is important for life, especially when they get to the age when they think they have learned all they need to know for life?  🙂

Rearing children is not for the faint of heart. Getting them through school is at minimum a challenge. Sometimes it is easier just to take the path of least resistance, but we all know this path is not an option. Here are seven things parents and teachers can do that will help!

  1. Keep it positive.
  2. Stay engaged with the child. Do not let them disconnect from parent or teacher. (Supporting and cooperating with each other is the thought here.)
  3. In high pressure situations, just deal with the task at hand. Talk about the important and necessary things of life when not in high-pressure situations. (For example, when under the pressure of completing homework or up against a hard deadline, just deal with the assignment.)
  4. Remember that homework has more than just one purpose. Homework allows students to:
    *Practice and reinforce mastery of material.
    *Prepare for future material.
    *Enrich themselves in material that has already been learned.
  5. Keep in mind that, ultimately, the parent has more impact on the education process than teachers or administrators. This is God’s design!
  6. Don’t forget that far more is accomplished when the child is responsible for their education and learning.
  7. Manage anxiety as a natural part of life. The struggle to learn is good and healthy. Working through hard things is a valuable lesson to learn for the sake of confidence and initiative.

The following links have some great ideas for parents in the support and involvement of their child’s education.

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(“What every teacher should know, but doesn’t”…also applicable to parents.)


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