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Highlands Blog: Dr. Lawrence’s 10 Ways to Prevent that Recurring “I Wish…”

Highlands Blog: Dr. Lawrence’s 10 Ways to Prevent that Recurring “I Wish…”

This is one of my grandsons I was with over Thanksgiving Break, and I wish we were still together!

Here we are on the other side of Thanksgiving, and boy did that week go fast. After spending a great week with my family that seemed like it was only ONE day long. I woke up this Monday morning thinking, “I wish I had another day.”

Certainly, this hastened sense of time is mostly because as my kids remind me, “You are getting older, Dad.” Time sure is flying by quickly. I wish time would stop sometimes.

Already twice today (it’s only 9:30), I’ve been asked, “What are your Christmas plans?” (So now, we are pressured to make plans for Christmas!) As soon as they are set, it will be over in like three days. Time just flies by! I wish I could slow it down.

In being honest, there are other “I wish…” thoughts that cross my mind from time to time. These thoughts can bug me, even affect my sleep, and even sometimes keep me awake. Kind of like the same way when I was a child with thoughts of, “I wish Christmas morning would hurry up!” But these thoughts seem to be heavier, and maybe even crippling.

If you are like me, there are many ways that I finish a sentence starting with I wish…

I wish I could communicate that better…I wish I could stop their pain…I wish there was more money…I wish I could meet that goal.

Another grandson I cherished my time with over Thanksgiving!

But, I’ve found some solutions! I’ve come up with a list of pro-active things to help prevent that recurring I wish… that keeps popping up in my mind. The list is not a result of heavy research, it is simply a few things learned because of experience and watching others. So, here’s my delicate attempt at preventing “I wish…” thoughts, in no particular order:

  1. Vacations always move faster than workdays; so sleep late at least two of your vacation days even if others begin to wonder if you’re ill.
  1. The time to say good-bye always happens too fast; so never leave early when visiting friends and family even if it annoys them a little.
  1. Babies seem to reach kindergarten too fast; so hug them for two or three seconds longer even if they want to run off and play.
  1. Once children get in junior high, they leave for college before you do all you wanted to do with them; so find a reason to go on a road trip. This idea does require some rules: Plan a trip that lasts at least three days with just you and your child; plane rides are not as conducive as a long car ride; and even if they hate your music, play it and do this trip.
  1. People will let you work as hard and as long as you want and barely notice, but come in five minutes late or miss one task and everyone notices; so complement the hard work and effort of those around you.
  1. In our transient times friends end up all over the world; so when spending time with them or sharing a coffee together, talk about life rather than business even if some business doesn’t get done.
  1. Limitations and events on the calendar never let up or get easier to manage; so spending time with my Savior gets crowded out if not careful; never, never fail to spend time with Him.
  1. The people you need to communicate important things to will not absorb all you need to tell them in one day; so talk about ideas often, and don’t miss an opportunity when something illustrates the important ideas and show the connection.
  1. Life for most of us is short and challenging; so work hard and smile a lot living with absolute confidence that God is in control.
  1. Be honest and do it kindly; the world is so full of people who are not kind, that people are surprised at kindness.

May God bless as you learn to live without the annoying I wish… thoughts. As you read this list, you may have had an idea or two of your own on how to prevent the I wish… times in your life. If you want to add to the list, send me your thoughts.

You can reach Dr. Lawrence, Highlands Administrator, at [email protected] 

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