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Dr. Lawrence’s November Educational Tips

Dr. Lawrence’s November Educational Tips

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It almost goes without saying that the greatest teacher a child has is his or her parent. God gives the parent the responsibility of rearing children. The parent, without even trying, is the most influential person in a child’s life. Gwinnet County Public Schools has put together a very helpful resource page for parents. You will see in almost all the articles this same theme: Be an example of a learner. 

Six examples of what we find on this resource page:
1. Eat dinner together and discuss the day.
2. Teach decision-making skills. Do not get exhausted in teaching this skill. It takes a lifetime.
3. Read aloud to each other.
4. Engage in math on purpose: Bake, estimate time and distance, gap spark plugs, measure rooms, etc.
5. Be involved and volunteer at your child’s school.
6. Focus on effort, not the results or the final product. Children must learn to work through problems.

The parent’s goal should be to build an independent learner. By the end of a problem, assignment, or project, the child should be able to do the work without your help and explain what he or she has done. When the problem or project is complete, your student should be able to repeat the process or problem.

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