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Highlands Blog: Miss Method Calls “Places”

Highlands Blog: Miss Method Calls “Places”

by Miss Julie Method
Highlands Theater Director & Spanish Teacher

This week it happens! My cast of fourteen actors and six tech students will be performing our play, Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery. Sir Author Conon Doyle’s classic book has been transformed into a fast-paced comedy, and these fourteen students will be playing over forty characters! We’ve been practicing for several months, and I want to share with you a “secret” we have been working on.

“Places.” Well…it’s actually not a secret, it’s a phrase used in all theaters. It is the time when everyone in the play must be ready to go. As a director, there are many responsibilities I have chosen to take on, however once “places” is called, the cast and crew take the responsibility on themselves to do their best with their roles on and off that stage.

As I’ve called “places” this season, I’ve been thinking that this term needs to be in my daily, non-drama life, too. I’m fortunate because I have the opportunity at our school to work with a wide range of ages each week…from the K3 and K4 class on Fridays in chapel, to teaching elementary drama, to working with older students in plays, and even teaching high school Spanish! For example, on Mondays I teach a 1st grade drama class, then five minutes later I teach a high school Spanish class.  If I don’t allow myself to call “places!” in my heart, if I don’t say, I choose at this moment to do the best I can, I am not performing the roles God has given me at Highlands.

In my elementary drama classes the past couple of weeks, we have been working on a Bible verse—Ecclesiastes 9:10. Imagine this with motions and lots of drama: Whatever you put your hand to do, do it with all your might! I find myself quoting it as I take on my different roles throughout each day. It’s the perfect verse, perfect words, for my cast as we take our “places!” for Baskerville this week—as well as for our lives!

Act them well!


Julie Method, HCA Theater Director and blogger of the week, has directed plays and spring musicals at Highlands since 1996. Along with teaching Spanish and developing theatrical talent in our students, Julie’s passion is that they know Jesus personally. Please reach out to Julie at [email protected].org if you would like to talk with her about the “place” Jesus wants to have in your life.

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