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Highlands Blog: Dr. Lawrence’s Thoughts about Investing in the Future

Highlands Blog: Dr. Lawrence’s Thoughts about Investing in the Future

The halls are back alive with the wonderful smiling faces of students. The teachers are settling back into the swing of classes, and the athletic competitions are in full motion. Parents, we are off to a wonderful start to the 2017-2018 school year. It is what we live for as educators.

Just wanted to begin by saying THANK YOU for entrusting us to assist you in teaching and training your children. As we invest in the future of these young people and the future of our community, we are humbled by the thought of such a wonderful enterprise.

As we partner together, let’s consider the concepts of what it is we do together: 1) teaching and 2) training. Both are action words and require time and effort.

Teaching in simplest of forms is the imparting of information. That is the basics of putting into the students’ minds a “body of knowledge” or the facts and information…the truths and certainties of mathematics, science, art, music, grammar, communication, Bible, history, etc. This requires presentation, explanation, memorization, and recall of the facts and information.

Training is taking the facts and information and putting them into practice. The value of training is that it allows information to be useful. We make it possible for our students to take this body of knowledge and make it work. Often older students say, “I’ll never use this stuff!”, and yet all around them is the results of this knowledge. It allows them to read and understand or to get in their car and cross over a bridge. It gives them the ability to appreciate the music at a greater level coming from their phone. It provides for our students to be productive in college and in their career.

Our prayer is that these young people who walk our hallways will be the ones building bridges that our community needs in the future. They will be innovators in the next generation of technology or read bedtime stories and impart our heritage into our grandchildren.

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