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Ms. Brenda Montgomery-King Awarded “Spirit of HCA” for 2017

Ms. Brenda Montgomery-King Awarded “Spirit of HCA” for 2017

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Highlands Christian Academy is pleased to congratulate Ms. Brenda Montgomery-King on receiving the “Spirit of Highlands Christian Academy Award” for 2017.

Ms. Brenda has been an ardent supporter of Highlands ever since her son Herman came to HCA in 5th grade. That was 8 years ago, and this past week, Herman graduated with the Class of 2017.

“The Spirit of Highlands Christian Academy Award is self-defined,” Headmaster Ken Lopez shared with friends and families of HCA at the 2017 Baccalaureate Service. “It is intended to recognize individuals who exemplify the ideals of dedication, Christian service, initiative, and leadership. This year’s recipient has demonstrated all of these qualities, and more.  Her tireless and selfless efforts have blessed many, many people on this campus.”

“She has been involved in serving others in athletics and fine arts, encouraging the teachers, and other various projects,” Mr. Lopez explained. “She has coached basketball and track, for both junior high and varsity. She has been a supporter and fundraiser for the band for many years, and she has been a leader in spreading the good news about Highlands to others.”

“This year,” Mr. Lopez continued, “she initiated a new project of showing her love for the teachers at Highlands. She led the efforts to provide a special area of solace and relaxation for the teachers that is now recognized as The Oasis.”

The Highlands’ staff says that hardly a day goes by that they don’t see Ms. Brenda Montgomery-King on campus in some capacity, whether it be as a mom, a coach, or bringing coffee and treats for the staff.

Ms. Brenda assisted on the HCA track teams with Herman as one of the track athletes since he was in 6th grade, and next school year she will be the Varsity Track Coach.  Brenda shares about her past and future involvement at Highlands: “God has His hand over Highlands. I see that when I walk the campus. Highlands is the best-kept secret! It has a family environment, but is large enough to be competitive in academics and sports. I want parents to know that they are the best advocate for their child, and there’s no way you can do that without being invested in the school.”

Congratulations, Ms. Brenda, on receiving the “Spirit of HCA” Award and on your son’s graduation from Highlands Christian Academy! Thank you for everything you’ve done for our students, staff, and HCA families over the past 8 years!

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