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2017 “Superheroes” Yearbook Released & Dedicated to Headmaster Ken Lopez

2017 “Superheroes” Yearbook Released & Dedicated to Headmaster Ken Lopez

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On Friday, May 19, in a special chapel honoring Mr. Ken Lopez for 42 years at Highlands and his upcoming retirement, the 2017 secondary yearbook was dedicated to the Headmaster.

Mr. Lopez was presented with the first copy of the “Charger” by Mrs. Debbie Kemper, Yearbook Advisor. High school students were given their yearbooks at lunch that day, and junior high students will receive them this week.

Headmaster Lopez has been honored on the yearbook dedication page. An excerpt shares, “When Mr. Lopez was a five-year-old child he trusted Jesus as his Savior…[and] has lived a life of service to Jesus. One of the things he treasures most in his role as headmaster is the privilege of sharing his faith with students at HCA. Students have witnessed Mr. Lopez’s consistent life of faith, and it is because of this that he has had the joy and privilege of leading numerous students to saving faith in Jesus Christ… Mr. & Mrs. Lopez, thank you for being willing servants for the Kingdom of God in your 42 years at Highlands Christian Academy. We love you and pray God’s best for you in the years to come.”

The yearbook student staff choose “The Dark Knight Rises” as the theme for the 2017 yearbook. An excerpt from the yearbook explains the theme: “Many superheroes have come onto the scene throughout the years: Batman, Spider Man, Thor, Iron Man, and Wonder Woman to name a few. Superheroes…possess special powers that help transport their imaginations to a fantasy place wondering “What if…” Could that be why people from all walks of life are drawn to their extraordinary life stories? There are those that attempt to draw comparisons between the powerful heroic acts of these characters and the awesome power of Jesus Christ. A superhero may be able to represent the desire to save a person from an impending accident or danger. What about the power to change a person’s life for eternity, the power over sin and death, or the power to forgive sin? There is no real comparison to Jesus. He is the one and only Savior. The One who came to provide the way of salvation for all who will believe.”

Highlands Christian Academy congratulates the 2017 HCA Yearbook Staff on “The Dark Knight Rises” and another wonderful yearbook full of the year’s memories.

3rd Year Staff: Summer Goss, Shannon Motherwell, Gina Oliva
2nd Year Staff: Jessica Pereira, Melissa Pereira, Indiya Baksh, Barbara Borges
1st Year Staff: Daniel Novick, O’Dair Marselia, Josefine Van Reenen, Ruth Bien-Aime, Savannah Kemper, Nathan Irwin, Genevieve Michaud, Sara Ribeiro
Faculty Advisor: Mrs. Debbie Kemper

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