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Meet the Leads for “The Little Mermaid” Opening this Thursday

Meet the Leads for “The Little Mermaid” Opening this Thursday

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HCA’s spring musical, The Little Mermaid, opens this Thursday night at 7:00 p.m. with an amazing cast and crew of over 100 students ranging from kindergarten children through high school seniors! [*Tickets HERE*]

Shannon Motherwell, HCA senior, will be playing the lead role of Ariel. Her favorite scene in the show is “Positoovity,” and what she loves most about being in this musical is “getting to portray my favorite Disney character while challenging myself as an actor.” Shannon is thankful that through HCA theater she has learned how to work with all different kinds of people. She has also come to the realization that she wants to study musical theater in the future. Shannon came to HCA as a 6th grader, and over the  years has worked tech in Beauty and the Beast, played Edna Dunlop in The Music Man, and played the role of Josie Pye in Anne of Green Gables. HCA congratulates Shannon on her lead role of Ariel in this year’s musical!

Kyle Lassen, also an HCA senior, plays the role of King Triton. His favorite line in The Little Mermaid is “I’m just relieved she’s royalty.” What Kyle loves most about being in this show is the opportunity to hang out with his friends. Kyle came to Highlands in K4 (making him an HCA “lifer”) and has been in Cinderella; Hello, Dolly; Seven Brides for Seven Brothers; Annie; Meet Me in St. Louis; Beauty and the Beast; Music Man, High School Musical, Willy Wonka; Peter Pan; and Anne of Green Gables. Kyle shares that through being in so many HCA musicals, he has “learned to work hard in everything, no matter how big or small.” HCA congratulates Kyle on playing King Triton in his final HCA spring musical!

Daniel Novick, HCA Senior, will be playing the role of Scuttle. Like Shannon, Daniel’s favorite scene in The Little Mermaid is “Positoovity,” and what he loves most about being in this musical is the HCA drama family. Daniel came to Highlands as a 5th grader, and last year he played the role of Earl the Mailman in Anne of Green Gables. Daniel shares that what he has learned through being in HCA musicals is “how quickly the human brain can memorize music…and never forget it!” HCA congratulates Daniel on playing Ariel’s friend Scuttle this week at HCA!

Andrew Villela, HCA Junior, plays the role of Prince Eric. His favorite line in the show is “She’s got legs, you idiot!” What he loves most about the musical is “getting to act and sing with everybody.” Through being in this musical, Andrew has learned that everyone is different and special in their own ways. Andrew came to HCA this year, however in the past he played the role of Tom Sawyer in Huckleberry Finn. HCA congratulates Andrew on portraying Prince Eric in the spring musical!

Bryce Barton, another HCA Junior, plays the role of Sebastian. His favorite scene in The Little Mermaid is Triton’s Court, and what he loves most about being in the musical is “being a big ol’ crab” and learning how to do a Jamaican accent. Bryce first came to Highlands in 2014 and has been in The Music Man and Anne of Green Gables. HCA congratulates Bryce on playing Sebastian, the adorable crab, this week at Highlands!

Zak Henderson, HCA 11th grader, plays the role of Grimsby. His favorite scenes in the play are “Les Possion” and “Kiss the Girl.” What he loves most about being in the musical is being with his friends and having the opportunity to act together.  Zak shares that through this musical, he’s learned “teamwork, humbleness, respect, and how hard musicals are.” Zak came to HCA in 2014 and has also been in Anne of Green Gables. HCA congratulates Zak on playing the delightful role of Grimsby!

GG Michaud, an HCA sophomore, plays the role of Ursula. Her favorite line in the musical is “I was mom’s fave, but she’s gone.” What GG loves most about The Little Mermaid is her tentacles and her slithery eels. GG came to Highlands in K5 and has been in Annie, Meet Me in St. Louis, Willy Wonka, Beauty and the Beast, Music Man, and Anne of Green Gables. GG shares that the most special things she’s learned through being in so many musicals is that “cast is family.” HCA congratulates GG on playing the intriguing character of Ursula this week at Highlands!

Gabriel Barreto, HCA 6th grader, plays the role of Flounder. His favorite scene in The Little Mermaid is “She’s in Love.” Gabriel shares that he loves being in this musical because “I can glorify God through one of my talents.” Gabriel came to HCA in K4 and has been in The Music Man and Willy Wonka. What he’s learned most through being in the musicals at HCA: “As long as I try my best, at the end I won’t have any regrets.” HCA congratulates Gabriel as he portrays Flounder, the wonderful little yellow fish everyone loves!

HCA thanks Miss Julie Method, Mrs. Shannon Ratzlaff, and Mrs. Damaris Nevitt for the time and love they have invested into the students playing these lead roles, as well as the 100 other students involved in the cast and crew. For tickets and more information about HCA’s 2017 production of The Little Mermaid, please click HERE.


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