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National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society Welcomes New Members

National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society Welcomes New Members

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Highlands Christian Academy’s NHS Members

The National Honor Society and the National Junior Honor Society held their annual induction ceremony on Thursday, February 16, 2017 when 13 high school students and 7 junior high students were inducted and welcomed as they took the pledge to join this special group of students.

The NHS and NJHS is committed to leadership, citizenship, character, service, and scholarship. The members meet bimonthly to learn lessons in leadership and plan how to serve the community. The groups have been involved in various activities in which they have been able to serve others and show Christ’s love. Students have experienced first-hand the impact that through servanthood even the smallest person can have an important impact on a society.

Over the past year, HCA’s NHS and NJHS have been involved in many activities including assisting The Do More Foundation in raising $10,000 to benefit families in financial need during their annual Color Run. They also collected approximately 3,500 band aids and video games for a children’s hospital to help patients during their illnesses, held a fundraiser at a local Chipotle restaurant, and enjoyed working with the HCA Class of 2017 in delivering Valentine’s Day flowers.

Highlands Christian Academy’s NJHS Members

Highlands Christian Academy congratulates the new and former members, as well as their families, on this fine academic accomplishment.

National Honor Society Pledge
I pledge myself to uphold
The high purposes of the National Honor Society
To which I have been selected.
I will be true to the principles for which it stands;
I will be loyal to my school;
And will maintain and encourage
high standards of scholarship, leadership, service,
citizenship and character.

Junior High School NJHS Officers
President: Cassidy Brown
Vice President: Payton Caja
Secretary: Bianca Francis
Treasurer: Madison Trowbridge
Historian: Cate Daughtery
Parliamentarian: Tyler Goldman

High School NHS Officers
President: Sara Carroll
Vice President: Danielle Domino
Secretary: Shannon Motherwell
Treasurer: Gina Oliva
Historian: Jessica Pereira
Parliamentarian: Matthew Veynovich

6th Grade NJHS Members
Marcus Dixon*
David Jesus*
Gabriella Rezende*
Landon Still*

7th Grade NJHS Members
Janelle Calvet
Daniel Copeland-Del Toro
Cate Daugherty
Keely Feser*
Brenda Floriano*
Gustavo Silva

8th Grade NJHS Members
Deborah Bien-Aime
Kylie Brooks
Cassidy Brown
Payton Caja
Bianca Francis
Tyler Goldman
Matthew Hefferon
Alex Mojica*
Gabrielle Tavares
Madison Trowbridge
Nicholas Veynovich

9th Grade NHS Members
Daryl Carney*
Megan Deshommes*
Ciara Huntley*
Chasity Pierre*

10th Grade NHS Members
Ruth Bien-Aime
Julia Carney
Sharyn Duffield*
Samantha Goldman
Joshua Gray
Allyson Kuehn
Lor-Myron Louis
Vivian Nguyen
Larissa Raseira
Allisa Ribeiro*
Sarah Ribeiro
Baker Ungerbuehler*

11th Grade NHS Members
Indiya Baksh*
Barbara Borges*
Daniel Boutot
Scott  Bush
Megan Foulke*
Christina Julien
Ryan Szklany
Alexa Trochez*
Matthew Veynovich

12th Grade NHS Members
Raphael Borges*
Noah Camanini
Sara Carroll
Ragy Costa De Jesus*
Danielle Domino
Joseph Ginise
Victoria Good
Summer Goss
Samuel Montmann
Shannon Motherwell
Gina Oliva
Jessica Pereira
Melissa Pereira
Jacob Petersen

*denotes new member





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