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Blog: Celebrating Diversity at HCA & Beyond

Blog: Celebrating Diversity at HCA & Beyond

John.Wilsonby Mr. John Wilson

HCA Secondary Teacher & Administrator

In the wake of the presidential election, presidential inauguration, and Martin Luther King Day, the idea and concept of diversity has been on my mind. I’ve thought about how national media outlets have made diversity a “hot button” topic. I’ve listened to people from various walks of life, perspectives, and backgrounds talk about “being different.” I’ve reflected on Jesus’ conversation with the woman at the well. These examples of the many ways diversity influences our thoughts and lives have led me to a few personal perspectives on the concept of being different, unlike, varied, or diverse.

Diversity is and always has been a part of God’s creation.

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. We can see through God’s orderly creation that He had no intention of making the earth a place where everything was the same. In fact, people of all backgrounds find the beauty in God’s creation through its diversity. Imagine how cool it was for Adam to name all the varied animals from the tiny hummingbird to the giant dinosaurs. Consider the many different landscapes that were present before the fall of man and even the ones created after the fall of man and by the flood.

Diversity is an idea that can be inspiring.

One of my all-time favorite movies is “Remember the Titans.” The movie is a sports drama set in 1971 in Alexandria, Virginia. The racial tension in the town has reached new heights as a southern white school has been forced to integrate with a local black school. Both schools have reputable football programs that must unite its athletes under a black head coach with a white assistant. Right Now Media sums up the movie: Ultimately, ‘”Remember the Titans” is a deeply moving film about the courage of individuals and the power of sports to transcend perceived and ingrained differences. Taking the time to educate, communicate, and cooperate through our differences can be the springboard to inspiring experiences in our lives.

Diversity should be celebrated and embraced.

As a “military brat,” I have moved around a lot and been a part of several different communities from the west coast in California, to West Germany in Europe, to north, central, and south Florida. All of these places are very different from one another. How did my family and I survive the changes? By embracing the many different cultures and people.

Highlands Christian Academy has the uniqueness of a diverse school population with a very distinct and fundamental Christian foundation. From my rough calculations, we have approximately 10 different nationalities represented by our school body. I’d love to see our church and school lead the way in showing the rest of the world that we are united and that we celebrate and embrace the diversity the Lord has blessed in our school and church.

Mr. Wilson, our blogger of the week, teaches junior high math, assists the administration in discipline and student oversight, and coaches varsity girls basketball. His wife, Ruth, teaches secondary computers, and their two children attend HCA elementary. This Highlands’ family is an example for us all in celebrating and embracing diversity both on campus and in our community.

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