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HCA High School Thespians Troup Competes at Florida District Thespian Competition

HCA High School Thespians Troup Competes at Florida District Thespian Competition

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HCA seniors Daniel Novick, Kyle Lassen, and Stevie Michaud received a superior on their acting piece!

On Friday, December 2, the HCA High School Thespians students performed a One Act entitled “Cheating Death” at Deerfield Beach High School, and on Saturday, December 3, students performed their individual events at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

A one act play tells an entire dramatic story in one act. When performing a one act, each troupe is allotted 40 minutes to move their entire set from an offstage box that must fit into a 6 x 6 x 9 foot rectangle, to the stage, perform their one act, and then return the entire set to the offstage box.

HCA High School Thespians received an Excellent for their one act. Zak Henderson received the All-Star Cast award, and Bryce Barton won Best Supporting Actor Award.

Individual Events allow students to use their individual unique talents to compete. Competition areas range from monologues where a student performs alone to ensemble acting where a group of thespian students perform together to musical solos and duets. Following are the scores from Saturday’s performances:

Monologue: Sarah Bragdon, Abigail Canning, Shannon Motherwell
Solo Musical: Abigail Canning, Shannon Motherwell
Ensemble Acting: Kyle Lassen, Stevie Michaud, Daniel Novick
Duet Acting: Bryce Barton, Abigail Canning – Also Received Honorable Mention (Second Best in competition)

Monologue: Bryce Barton, Vicky Good, Savannah Kemper, GG Michaud
Duet Musical: Bryce Barton/Shannon Motherwell
Ensemble Acting: Sarah Bragdon, Anna Foulke, Vicky Good, Savannah Kemper, GG Michaud

Solo Musical: Ashlee Blackwell, Anna Foulke, Vicky Good, GG Michaud
Duet Acting: Daniel Novick/Josiah Novick, Ashlee Blackwell/Anna Foulke

HCA thanks Thespian director, Miss Julie Method, and all the students for using their talents for Jesus Christ. Congratulations to all!


Troupe 7217 getting ready to compete their one-act!

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