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Blog: Family, Fall, Feelings of Comfort…and a Cookie Offer for this Thursday

Blog: Family, Fall, Feelings of Comfort…and a Cookie Offer for this Thursday


Larry & Monika Smith

by Larry Smith
Secondary Principal

Having grown up in western New York State, October ushers in feelings of fall. The leaves begin to make their change from brilliant greens to fiery reds and oranges, and farmers are bringing in their final crops. November was when the cooler air moved in for its winter stay and announced a change in the foods that were prepared in the Smith house: soups, squash, corn-on-the-cob, fresh pies, cookies, and breads. All these bring memories of warmth and love and comfort.

One of our favorite treats was no-bake cookies. These were not only a favorite for me and my siblings, but also became a “Top 2” favorite cookie with my own kids as they were growing up. The cookies were rarely made in advance of a meal or occasion…rather they were made in response to a sudden urge. After a meal, during Saturday afternoon college football, or during a Friday night movie, our son Andrew would bound off the sofa and announce, “Who is going to help me make no-bakes?” In under 15 minutes we would be indulging in the most delectable mixture of chocolate and peanut butter a person could take. The only addition that made this combination even better was ice-cold milk. After you got three or four in your system, the most incredible feeling of comfort would come over you…until you needed another one!

The appreciation for this “vice” has now been shared internationally and to another generation. Andrew has introduced the good people of Latvia and Holland to the delightful mix of peanut butter and chocolate in the form of no-bake cookies, and our grandson will no doubt inherit the same genes that helped me fall prey to this treat.

The recipe for these scrumptious delights can be yours when you stop by the HCA main office in the Kennith R. Lopez building on Thursday, November 10th. There will also be some samples to taste! By the way, this invitation comes with a warning: These cookies can become addicting!

Everyone who knows Larry Smith, our blogger of the week and secondary principal, knows the priority he places on family. He grew up in a large family with 5 siblings. Larry and his wife Monika (HCA secondary teacher) have three children (all HCA grads), a son-in-law, and a one-year-old grandson. In addition to the cookie sample and recipe offer above, Larry also welcomes conversations with HCA families about raising their children to know and live for God.

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