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HCA Congratulates Parents, Students, and Teachers on Achievement Test Results

HCA Congratulates Parents, Students, and Teachers on Achievement Test Results

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One of the tools for determining the academic success of a school is the use of nationally-recognized achievement testing. Highlands uses the Stanford Achievement Test for this purpose. This standardized test allows HCA students to be compared and evaluated according to national norms and is required in the accreditation process for HCA. The Stanford can also give insight into areas of strength and also opportunities for improvement within the educational process at HCA.

The Stanford given again this past April tested HCA students in 6 major subject areas including math, reading, science, social studies, language, and spelling. HCA far exceeded national norms—and Headmaster Ken Lopez says that parents, teachers, and students are to be commended for these results.

Mr. Lopez explains that there are 3 basic types of scores used for comparison when test results are provided. The Stanine is a number from 1 to 9 that indicates below average (1, 2 & 3), the average range (4, 5 & 6), and above average (7, 8 & 9). One can see that 5 is average. The Percentile shows how a student or group relates to others who are tested by showing a range from 1 to 99. Finally, Grade Equivalent scores are calculated by giving the tests to students in other grade levels and comparing those results to those tested in grade level. For example a 3.9 Grade Equivalency score for a 2nd grader who tested in April, the 8th month, (2.8 would be average), would indicate a score of +11 months above the national average.

Highlands Christian Academy’s results indicate that the school exceeds national standards in all three areas. From the 72 sub tests, the average for all stanines were above a 6.0. The average percentile for HCA as a school is at 70% when all sub tests are totaled. The highest percentiles were recorded in math and language arts, which reflect well for college preparation. Grade Equivalency scores reveal that when all classes are averaged, the Academy is about a year and half ahead of national norms. Some notable areas of achievement would be the JH (6, 7 & 8th) in the math area with a 27 month above the national average. The 5th grade scored no lower than 7th grade in any areas and exceeded the 8th grade level in three subject areas. The K5 classes averaged above 80% for the 6 sub tests. The total 9th grade score for all tests was recorded on the 12th grade level.

Parents are encouraged to review the Student Report previously sent to all families by mail or with the individual student, and to contact Mrs. Utz (K5-5th), Mr. Smith (6th-8th), or Mr. Lopez, (9th-11th) with questions or for clarification. Parents may also review a particular grade level or entire school results if interested.

The HCA Administration congratulates the students, staff, and parents for the fine work accomplished this past year.  

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