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Senior Class Making Final Preparations for Trip Abroad

Senior Class Making Final Preparations for Trip Abroad

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Senior Trips REVISEDThe Class of 2016 is making final preparations for their senior trip to Europe next week! This Thursday, March 3, the group including 31 students and five chaperones will depart from Miami International Airport and fly overnight to Berlin, Germany where they will meet their tour director from EF Educational Tours. Highlights of the 10-day trip will include visiting Berlin, Prague, Krakow, and Budapest.

“Preparing and planning an international trip with students is a long, arduous process that begins about two years before departure,” says Mr. Bill Canning, senior trip advisor and trip coordinator. “However, the reward of seeing the students’ excitement as they visit places they’ve studied in their textbooks makes the hundreds of hours of work worth it!  Many of our graduates go on to study abroad in college as a result of ‘catching the travel bug’ on the senior trip.”

Each year a trip is scheduled for the graduating class, and for the past 14 years HCA seniors have traveled abroad to Europe, Asia, and Africa. Mr. Canning shares that prior to the European trips, the seniors went on ski trips to Colorado, Utah, and Quebec. The purpose of the trip is class fellowship, personal spiritual growth, and preparation for life after graduation.

The HCA faculty and staff wish the students and chaperones a wonderful trip and will be praying for their safety during the 10 days they are gone from the HCA campus. This year’s chaperones will be Mr. Bill Canning, Mrs. Lynne Veynovich, Pastor Brian and Mrs. Debbie Wingenroth, and Mrs. Judi Califano.

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