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HCA Exceeds National Standards in Stanford Achievement Testing

HCA Exceeds National Standards in Stanford Achievement Testing

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HCA K5 through 11th graders were tested for the Stanford Achievement this past April in six major subject areas including math, science, social studies, reading, language and spelling—and the results were impressive.

This standardized test allows HCA students to be compared and evaluated according to national norms and is required in the accreditation process for HCA. The Stanford can also give insight into areas of strength as well as opportunities for improvement within the HCA educational process. The testing program is only one tool for evaluation but is an important reflection of what is being accomplished in the school.

There are three basic types of scores used for comparison when test results are provided.  The Stanine is a number from 1 to 9 that indicates below average (1, 2 & 3), the average range of (4, 5 & 6), and (7, 8 or 9) that reflects above average. One can see that 5 is average. The Percentile will show how a student or group relates to others who are tested by showing a range from 1 to 99. For example, a 78 percentile indicates that the student or class achieved a score better than 77% and a score less than 21% of those tested. Grade Equivalent scores are calculated by giving the tests to students in other grade levels and comparing results. For example, a 3.9 Grade Equivalency score for a 2nd grader who tested in April, the 8th month, (2.8 would be average), would indicate a score of +11 months above the national average.

HCA results indicate that the school far exceeds national standards in all three areas. From the 72 sub tests, only 3 stanines were recorded as a 5.0, with the average being well above the 6.0 standard. The average percentile for HCA as a school is over 70% when all sub tests are totaled. Grade equivalency scores reveal that all classes in all sub tests are above grade level—with the averages of GE indicating that as a school, classes are over a year and half ahead of national norms. Some notable areas of achievement would be that the 4th grade recorded a complete battery score of 8th grade level. The 6th grade battery score was almost 10th grade, and the 9th graders recorded a battery score of 11th grade, 6th month.

HCA students, staff, and parents should be proud of the work accomplished this year. Parents are encouraged to call the main office with any questions about testing reports or to review a particular grade level or entire school results if interested.

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