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Choir Students Bring Hope to Chris Evert Patients

Choir Students Bring Hope to Chris Evert Patients

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Nineteen high school students from HCA brought hope to South Florida’s youngest patients through music and a playtime during the month of November. The HCA choir students and their sponsors performed at Chris Evert Children’s Hospital in Fort Lauderdale, performing a medley of songs from the movie Frozen.

“This trip was done through The Do More Foundation,” explains Mrs. Lassen, HCA parent and co-founder (with her husband) of Do More. “We invited the choir to join us on our routine trip down there. TDMF goes to CECH every couple of months to do special projects like this. While we were there, toys were passed out to the patients from The Do More Foundation. Some patients were unable to leave their rooms to come hear the students sing so their doors were propped open so they could hear the music.”

The students were met with excitement by the patients and by Laura Cornelius, Music Therapist in the Child Life Department at Evert. “One little girl from the Oncology Unit took a front row seat and sang every song along with the students,” said Mrs. Lassen. “Another young child on the General Pediatrics floor wanted to sing with the students, so we gave her music and let her join in as well.”

The HCA students were accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Lassen, Miss Nixon, and Mrs. Good. “Before entering the hospital, I told the kids about TDMF, why we go to the hospital, and what they are going to see. The kids did a great job of interacting with the patients,” shared Mrs. Lassen.

“In a culture where many kids are only thinking about themselves, our students provided a fine demonstration of selfless giving,” said Mr. Kennith Lopez, headmaster at Highlands. The headmaster went on to say that he hopes HCA will continue partnering with The Do More Foundation and Chris Evert Children’s Hospital in the future.

To view a video of the students performing at the hospital, visit: 

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