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Mrs. Joann Scriver

JoAnn.ScriverMrs. Joann Scriver teaches K5. She loves teaching reading and bringing extra enrichment into her classroom. “I have been involved with a Reading Buddy program over the years with older elementary students as the buddies to my K5 students,” she shares. “I have also involved my class in many of my summer vacations so they can have a ‘pretend experience’ on my diving adventures, trips to the Bahamas, Belize, and Alaska.”

What do you love most about HCA?
“I love working and teaching with other Christian teachers and friends, and I especially love the atmosphere and attitude of my wonderful classroom aide, Miss Nejy.”

Why do you like teaching at Highlands?
“I have been able to send my 4 children to school, my grandson, and most recently I have been a house parent for an exchange student from Curacao who is now in college in Hutchinson University in Kansas. I love that Mr. Lopez and Highlands have given me the opportunity to teach all these years.”

How is faith and learning integrated at Highlands?
“It is our responsibility not only to teach academics, but also to fulfill God’s role in all subjects—along with Christian training. We have a wonderful curriculum that helps to enable us to do our jobs.”

How do you make a spiritual impact on your students?
“Through chapels and daily Bible lessons there is always an opportunity to help the students make a personal decision to ask Christ into their heart. In K5 we have the wonderful opportunity to invite students and families to our church and Awana Clubs. Often it is the young child who can make a difference and lead their family to accepting Christ.”

What do you think sets HCA apart from other schools?
“We are a smaller school that maintains a family atmosphere. Many of our graduates enjoy coming back to visit, and some of them have returned to teach at the school that made a difference in their lives.”


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